The various meals to be dished out to the wandering collective at this year’s festival will be both traditional and unusual, and intended to be enjoyed whole-heartedly.

Jkme Foods : German Street Food

Absolutely Nuts: Roasted Nuts

Fruitzle: Fried Desserts

Charlee’s Comfort Kitchen: Danish Hot Dogs and More

Front Perch Chicken: Fried Chicken

Lollipuff Gourmet Cotton Candy: Cotton Candy in 30 flavors

Scouts BSA Troop 527: Navajo Tacos and Scandinavian Sandwiches

Texas Twister Drink: Lemonade

Frying Friars: Scandinavian hot dogs and more

Williams Service Corp: Shaved Ice and Cotton Candy

Island Rotisserie & Grill: Hawaiian Food

Poutine Yeti’s: Smothered Fries

Road Hawg Smoke Shack: Lemonade and Fruit Chillers

DonutNV: Fresh Fried Mini Donuts with Toppings

Feinga Enterprise: Fry Bread with Toppings

TJ’s Lemonade/Drizzled Delight: Chocolate Dipped Desserts & Lemonade
Simple Swirl Desserts: Non-Dairy Soft Serve Desserts

CJ’s Mini Donuts: Fresh Fried Mini Donuts with Toppings


Saturday morning, pavilion at Pioneer park (149 N Main St), 8 – 10 am, the Ephraim Lions Club will serve its traditional festival breakfast of aebelskivers (pancake-like apple slices) with sausage, pancakes, eggs and orange juice.
Sausage, eggs, pancakes, and drink: $8.00
Family of four: $30.00 $7.50 for each additional member
Abelskivers(plain): $8.00 a dozen
Abelskivers(fruit filled): $9.00 a dozen

Proceeds this year will be donated to the Lions Club International Foundation providing eye glasses for those in need.