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2018 conference schedule below:

The Scandinavian Festival Heritage Conference gives participants an opportunity to learn about Scandinavian, pioneer, and historical influences in Ephraim and the Sanpete Valley. The presentations are particularly interesting for those with Scandinavian or other pioneer ancestors.  This year the conference features presentations focusing on the history of Ephraim’s newspaper business (by Neal Cox) and stories and research by David Mackey about the history of Ephraim and Sanpete (as chronicled in his books Rattlesnakes & Axeheads and Temple Light and Train Tracks).

The 2018 festival Heritage Conference takes place Friday May 25th with speakers at 10 a.m (Neil Cox). and 11 a.m. (David Mackey) in the auditorium of the Snow College Huntsman Library, 150 E. College Ave.

***It’s a good idea to bring a sweater or jacket as the building can feel a little chilly to some people due to air conditioning***

Please see the Speakers page for more information on our conference speakers

The conference will be held on the campus of Snow College in the Huntsman Library Auditorium. There is no charge and advance registration is not required. For more information, contact Mike Brenchley at


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