Heritage Conference Speakers

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2021 Speakers 

 11 a.m Speaker: David Chapman Lindsay– “Our Valley Speaks: A Sanpete

   David Chapman Lindsay is an artist, curator, and arts administrator. David’s art has been exhibited all over the United States and in Europe. He was raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and received his Master of Fine Arts from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 2005. Much of his artwork is presented as site-specific projects, through the Popwalk smartphone app. In this work, he attempts to unravel history and culture within a location, addressing both common and disquieting assumptions that we make about place. The seeds of his art come from the experience of living in Italy. Of that time, he has said: “I had the opportunity to live in Italy for a period of two years. This time was not devoted to the creation of artwork, but living there, I could not help but be transformed. I became enamored with the architectural space of that country; not with architecture as a thing in itself, but the structure of space as a tool to tell us something about ourselves.” His work has been exhibited at the Arte Laguna Exhibit at the Arsenale in Venice Italy; the Georges Enescu Museum in Romania; the SACI gallery in Florence, Italy; the Contemporary Art Fair in New York City; Monchskirche Gallery in Salzwedel, Germany; Principle Gallery in Alexandria VA; Craighead Green Gallery in Dallas, TX; Alphonse Berber Gallery in Berkeley, CA, as well as numerous group and solo exhibitions throughout North America. He has served at the College Art Association and as Associate Director of the School of Art at Texas Tech University. Currently, David is the director of Sites Set for Knowledge, a non profit arts organization that oversees the Popwalk app.

Currently David is an artist fellow at Granary Arts in Ephraim, Utah. He has curated the exhibition “Our Valley Speaks: A Sanpete Experience” which will open in on May 29th, and can bee seen all over Sanpete through the Popwalk app.


12 p.m. Speaker:  Ryan Roos– “The Lens of Madness: Photographer George Edward Anderson as Central Utah’s Greatest Historian”

Ryan Roos is a western historian who has authored a number of academic papers on the American West and Latter-day Saint history. He is the owner of Ryan Roos Rare Books & Americana in Ephraim, as well as Tilted Tulip Floral in Ephraim. Ryan and his wife Rachel are the parents of five children and own a pioneer home in Manti, as well as the historic 19th century Ephraim city jail/city hall building. The “Old Jail” was built circa the Lincoln administration and may have once housed members of Utah’s notorious Wild Bunch. Ryan and his family are currently restoring this architectural gem in Ephraim to become an historic Airbnb for all to enjoy. 


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