Granary Arts

 Granary Arts Open hours

Friday / 11 – 5pm
Saturday / 11 – 5pm

Saturday 2:00 PM- 3:30 PM: Concert: The Family Trade: Ashley Hanson & Brian Laidlaw

Granary Arts is located at 86 N Main Street in Ephraim. All admissions and events are free and open to the public.

About Granary Arts

Granary Arts is a contemporary art space dedicated to exhibitions and education, and we serve as an anchor for artistic activity and community. We exhibit local, regional, and international artists; provide educational opportunities through programming, outreach, and cultural events; and foster collaborative relationships with individuals, organizations, and communities. We are housed in the restored historic Ephraim granary, a two-story oolitic limestone building built in 1876, and the restored CCA Christensen cabin, located in the city center. Granary is committed to building a dynamic contemporary cultural fabric. Our philosophy is to promote the arts while fostering a dialog in our community that bridges local and global issues in arts and culture.

About the Building 
The beautiful historic Ephraim granary has a long and rich history of women working to build dynamic communities. Built in 1876 by the Female Relief Society, a local women’s religious organization, to serve the poor and store wheat, the building was saved from demolition in 1990 by a coalition artists led by Kathy Peterson. With the help of community volunteers the coalition spent countless hours restoring the oolite limestone structure. Once the building was renovated, it was converted to a community arts space.


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