2018 Entertainment will be posted when available

Below is a preview from last year

The Scandinavian Heritage Festival offers a phenomenal variety of musical talent and styles to entertain festival visitors.

All events are scheduled for the main stage in front of the Noyes Building on Snow College campus unless indicated otherwise.

Friday, May 25th

12:30 PM: W.Carl Anderson & grandkids

1:00 PM:  Strings of Fire and Badger Strings

1:45 PM: Nyra Nelson and Rhonda Ogden (Accordian)                                                          

2:30 PM: Fiddle Express                                                                                    

3:15 PM: Melting Rain (rock)  

7:30 PM: Snow College Commercial Music Ensemble Group  East of the Snow College Greenwood Student Center

About Dark: Fireworks East of the Snow College Greenwood Student Center

Saturday, May 26th

11:00 AM: Lincoln Highway

12:30 PM: Snow College Commercial Music Ensemble Group

1:30 PM:  Skyline Drive (Acoustic Duet)

2:30 PM:  The Trent Hanna Community (Jazz Fusion)

3:30 PM:  The Phat Old Professors (Classic Rock)

Lincoln Highway

Five musicians, sixteen instruments, and more than a dozen championships, that is Lincoln Highway. Some say Lincoln Highway is bluegrass or Celtic or Country or updated Old Time music. Don’t be surprised if you hear a tune from the 1800’s followed by an acoustic version of an ABBA song done with the Lincoln Highway touch. On top of it all, they want you to have fun and they will do anything they can to make that happen including making fun of banjo players, recycling cheesy jokes, and playing some of the favorites including songs like the Orange Blossom Special. The group loves bluegrass and traditional music, but is always looking for an idea to make each song fit the Lincoln Highway sound. The group plays, fiddle, guitar, cajon, bodhran, mandolin, octave mandolin and whatever else they feel like they can get a beat or a melody from.


Snow College Commercial Music Ensemble

The Snow College Commercial Music Ensemble focuses on various commercial music genres. The group serves as a laboratory for performers, composers, and music technologists. Students synthesize musical, historical and cultural knowledge into meaningful artistic expression.




W. Carl Anderson & Grandkids

He was born and raised in Orem Ut.  He met his sweetheart Debbie of 39years and they eventually moved to Lindon where they raised there 7 children on a small farm. They moved to Ephraim 7 years ago to get out of the city and have been loving it.
Carl has been singing and writing cowboy poetry for over 20 years.  He enjoys sitting around a campfire with a big group of people,  playing his guitar, singing and reciting his cowboy songs and poetry. He has a great passion for the outdoors. He enjoys saddling up the mules and going on long pack trips.  He also enjoys spending time with his grandkids.


Phat Ol’ Professors

Trading the front of the classroom for the front of the stage, the Phat Old Professors will again provide the festival’s entertainment finale. Made up mostly of Snow College faculty members who shed their professorial stodginess (wink wink, nudge nudge), the docs rock, let their hair down and invite you to do the same. Let it all hang out with classic rock ‘n’ roll tunes performed by Vance Larsen (drums), Rich Dixon (lead guitar), Trent Hanna (keyboards), Ron Lamb (lead singer), Greg Boothe (bass guitar) and Mike Larsen (sax synth).