Beth Hughes
will be a Senior at Manti High School this coming year.  She loves to be involved in Show Choir and Theatre.  She also enjoys reading and writing.







           Marcus Bahlmann is a 15 year old, 6 ft 2 in child.  His skills include reading in ways that annoy his siblings, walking, breathing, and drawing.  He used to know a little bit of ventriloquy, but has since gone off practice.  In his spare time, he is often reading out loud to himself and drawing pictures of no one in particular.


  Andy Bahlmann is the oldest of the Bahlmann bunch.  He has four kids with one on the way.  Currently, he is a professor of English at Snow College and has recently played the role of the giant in Snow College’s performance of Big Fish.  Andy is a seasoned story-teller with a knack for entertaining audiences everywhere!


      Malorie Hansen will be a Senior at Manti High School next year and enjoys being a part of the arts.  She loves being in Theatre and music classes, choir and



    Abby Huff will be a Senior at MHS this next year.  She loves being involved with the Theatre and music programs and enjoys performing, whether it be singing,

acting, or dancing.


     Justin Bawden will be a Senior at MHS this coming school year.  He loves acting, singing, dancing, and anything that relates to those three things.


    Warren Hess is an incoming Senior at MHS.  He is next year’s Speech and Debate captain.  As a natural-born entertainer, he’s not going to stop!




    Zach Brown will be a Sophomore at MHS next year.  He loves Theatre and can do a belly roll!


    Emma Bean is 14 years old and will be a Sophomore at MHS next year.  She lives in Ephraim and enjoys reading, cooking, and hanging out with friends.


    Maicee Hill will be a Sophomore at MHS this coming year.  She likes reading and anything to do with theatre.


    Cari Carmody will be a Junior at MHS next year.  She loves being a part of this community!



    Dallin Brereton will be a Senior this coming year, and he loves theatre!  Band is his favorite class, and summer will rock this year!


    Kodie Godfrey will be a Junior next year at MHS.  She enjoys being a part of this community!


    Andrew Olsen is 15  years old.  He likes to sing for fun when he is bored.  He also likes acting.


MHS Improv Team
MHS Theatre presents their improv team and their show “Mission Improv-able” to the Scandinavian Festival.  Come enjoy off-the-cuff storytelling!