2018 Storytellers
Justin Bawden
is an actor from Sterling, UT He recently graduated fromManti High School and is pursuing a career in the theatrical arts. He is 6’4″ and his favorite snack is doughnuts and chocolate milk.






Emily Frischknecht is a Manti High School graduate. She was the music sterling scholar, Show Choir President, a member of the theatre and improv teams, and the MHS pep band. She enjoys a good laugh and loves rainy days.






Beth Hughes is a newly graduated senior from Manti High School. She has been a part of theatre at the school since her sophomore year and has loved acting for as long as she can remember. She also enjoys singing, dancing and reading.



Andy Bahlmann is the oldest of the Bahlmann bunch.  He has four kids with one on the way.  Currently, he is a professor of English at Snow College and has recently played the role of the giant in Snow College’s performance of Big Fish.  Andy is a seasoned story-teller with a knack for entertaining audiences everywhere!





Marcus Bahlmann is a strapping young man of the age of 16. He is a licensed dragon slayer in most of Europe and portions of Russia. However, he has never been to either of those locations, so he is grossly inexperienced. He is a part of MHS theater’s team and enjoys long walks on the beach. His favorite animal is an okapi, and when he grows up, he wants to be an artist at Pixar.




 Connor Zollinger is 15. He enjoys building Legos, writing, math, drawing random doodles, acting, riding bikes, running, reading, and cooking. He plays music whenever he can. He is skilled at the trombone, piano, and baritone.






Ashlyn E. Glathar moved to Ephraim a year ago. She recently completed her junior year at Manti High School. She has participated in the Sweetwater School District Young Authors in Green River and helped do many community service projects held by the school and LDS church. She also writes fictional stories and draws in her free time. She also makes simple jewelry. She is glad to have moved to Ephraim and is excited for the adventures that are ahead.




Alaina Adams recently complete her junior year at Manti High School. She enjoys participating in theatre, improv club, and track. Next year, she will be a part of the student government as Senior Class Public Relations Vice.







Brad Young is 17 years old and stands a staggering 5’10’’. He has a crippling yogurt and pizza addiction. Please keep all your pizza and yogurt hidden! He enjoys music and is skilled at the piano.





Sam Young enjoys playing music, especially the piano. He likes reading and writing and loves theatre and acting.






Miranda Slusser is 16, going on 17. She loves reading, stories, and most things covered in chocolate.






Avie Eichelberber is 17 years old. She likes playing golf, writing, and trying new things.







Jordon Durtschi enjoys Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain. He just finished his freshman year and is excited to start his sophomore year.






Hope Marsing is 14 years young. She loves volleyball, playing with kids, and music. She is excited to be a sophomore in high school next year where she can continue working hard.





Dallin Brereton is a senior at Manti High School and will be leaving this summer to serve an LDS mission in Argentina. He enjoys music and theatre.








MHS Improv Team

Led by Reagan Rouska and Warren Hess, tells stories in an unconventional way – through improv games and making stuff up on the spot. The improv team has made an appearance in the last three Scandinavian Festivals and is one of the most popular events at the storytelling attraction. Come and enjoy some laughs with the MHS Improv Team!