Danielle Hatch is an 80-year-old actress diagnosed with Benjamin Button’s disease.  But she doesn’t let that stop her while she stars in re-runs of Land of the Lost.  She is also the lead singer in a Guns and Roses cover band. 






Amelie Henry is 17 years old and set to graduate from Manti High School in 2020.  She enjoys spending her time reading and learning new skills to add to her artistic abilities.






Breanna Bratton is a 16-year-old who enjoys dancing.  She also runs track and cross country.  She enjoys reading in her free time.  Some of her favorite books are The Hunger Games and Maze Runner series.  An interesting fact about Breanna is that she tripped twice last year in the temple parking lot while performing in the pageant.  She now has 7 scars from it.  She assumes the parking lot had it out for her!





Andy Bahlmann is the oldest of the Bahlmann bunch.  He has five kids.  Currently, he is a professor of English at Snow College, and has played various roles in Snow College Theatre productions.  Andy is a seasoned story-teller with a knack for entertaining audiences everywhere!







Marcus Bahlmann is a strapping young man of the age of 17.  He is a licensed dragon slayer in most of Europe and portions of Russia.  However, he has never been to either of those locations, so he is grossly inexperienced.  He is a part of MHS theater’s team and enjoys long walks on the beach.  His favorite animal is an okapi, and when he grows up, he wants to be an artist at Pixar. 





 Connor Zollinger is 16.  He enjoys building Legos, writing, math, drawing random doodles, acting, riding bikes, running, reading, and cooking.  He plays music whenever he can.  He is skilled at the trombone, piano, and baritone.  Also, he’s magic, so magic!






Daniel Lewellen is happy, tall teenager.  He enjoys playing video games, playing tuba, and doing absolutely nothing.






Mathew Olsen has loved to read since 3rd grade.  He loves to use and play on computers.  He fancies himself pretty smart.  He also loves to laugh!






Brad Young PIZZA!  If he is seen with pizza, please call his number.  He is an avid music fan and a pretty good piano player.  He recently played Romeo in a recent spoof of Romeo and Juliet. 






Sam Young the YOUNGer brother to Brad Young.  Sam enjoys music (and possibly singing and dancing, but he doesn’t want people to know that!) 






Miranda Slusser “reader, writer, nerd”







Avie Eichelberber is 18 years old and just graduated from Manti. Throughout her life she has enjoyed hearing stories, watching movies and reading books. She has participated as an actress in numerous performances and is an avid author. She has developed a love and talent for telling stories and bringing them to life





Kelsie Tippetts is the most awesome person to ever grace this planet.  She is super peppy and loves little kids, sugar, and the ocean at sunset. 






Anneke Bahlmann is Marcus Bahlmann’s sister.  She loves children and is really happy.  She also loves the rain. 






Delaney Harris is a junior at Manti High School.  She enjoys reading and writing.  One of her passions is listening to K-pop! 






Asilyn Seiber loves reading and spending time with family. 






MHS Improv Team

Led by Reagan Rouska and Warren Hess, tells stories in an unconventional way – through improv games and making stuff up on the spot. The improv team has made an appearance in the last three Scandinavian Festivals and is one of the most popular events at the storytelling attraction. Come and enjoy some laughs with the MHS Improv Team!